Who We Are

Data-Link West Inc is a Computer Service Corporation. The goal of Data-Link West Inc is to provide solutions to business computer technology needs. Business Computer technology needs can contain computer hardware, operating systems, program software, network design, hardware installation, software installation, custom programming and other computer related needs.

Data-Link West Inc understands no one person or company can know all or be all in the computer industry of today. To provide a wide range of service and help business maximize computer technology the way the business wants to use the systems and information, Data-Link West Inc includes other specialists in the servicing of clients. When a need or a situation which Data-Link West Inc staff is not fully informed on arises, a group business, which Data-Link West Inc feels are leaders in their fields, are contacted and consulted about the need.

Data-Link West Inc wants to help companies do business the way each company works, and handles their business situation. Data-Link West Inc can handle the Computer Technology end of the business and train the employees how to use the technology to further the specific goals as outlined by the business.

Data-Link West Inc has selected Addon Software as the main business software package for providing services to Clients. The programs on the Addon Software package provide proven business computer solutions with over 15 years of experience and a modular programming package letting business pick and chose just the programs and modules that their way of doing business needs to have. The program package is one of the few system packages that still release all of the source code with each system sold. This makes modifying specific parts of a module to fit the needs of a business easy to accomplish.

Addon Software has kept up with the changes in computer technology and is constantly adding new processes and innovations to the core set of programs. Currently the system is being upgraded to current GUI (windows look) standards. This is being done while preserving the current text format screens. Depending on the wants or needs of the Customer Addon Software will be able to display on windows screens as well as older text display screens.

The main processing in Addon Software is done using Basis International Business Basic version Pro/5. This basic operating system is known in the computer industry as BBx. Using BBx the Addon Software programs run on just about any computer hardware platform. Currently BBX and Addon will run on Unix base systems, Linux Base systems, and Windows NT Base systems and in single user mode on Windows 95/98 and DOS. This diverse list of operating platforms creates a wide selection of computer hardware, which BBx and Addon Software can run on. The computer hardware can be scaled to the needs of the business, and upgraded, as needs change without limiting the class or brand of hardware used.

Data-Link West Inc also has working relationships with computer hardware suppliers, network suppliers and other computer technology service providers. With over 20 years of experience in the computer industry, the staff at Data-Link West Inc can help your business work and grow in the current and future world of Information Technology. Give Data-Link West Inc a call and have a custom business evaluation created to show you how your business can benefit from the knowledge Data-Link West Inc staff can provide.

Thank you for your time.

Eric E. Johnson